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“I was studying at the ruins of Tell Al-Sultan, the site of the city of Jericho,” Dr. Tribelhorn says. “My historical geography professor told the class that, the historical evidence proved that Jericho would have already been destroyed by the time Joshua arrived. He said that, as evangelicals, we did not have any answer for this dilemma."  This was in the 1980s.



Today record numbers of high school and college students are turning their backs on God. Student ministry pastors from numerous Christian denominations estimate that between 65 and 94 percent of Christian students walk away from the faith after high school. Far from being immune, those who have come through Sunday school and youth ministry programs are especially vulnerable. And this phenomenon is occurring on Christian campuses as well as secular ones. BUT WHY?


A study confirms that students who find themselves unable to defend their beliefs – or, at least, find someone who could help them defend their beliefs – typically walked away from their faith during their first year of college. And students ARE finding it difficult to defend their faith against the onslaught of academic ‘facts’ from their instructors that ‘prove’ there is no evidence to support the historical accuracy of the Bible.


My Professor Says, "The Bible is a Myth" Before You Give Up on God Get the Facts is a source of critical information, proving the validity and historicity of the Bible in a readable manner,  for students, parents, pastors, student ministers, professors – Christians at large... becuase the Bible is  NOT a myth.

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