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About the Book

Record numbers of high school and college students are turning their backs on God. Student ministry pastors from numerous Christian denominations estimate that between 65 and 94 percent of Christian students walk away from the faith after high school. Far from being immune, those who have come through Sunday school and youth ministry programs are especially vulnerable. And this phenomenon is occurring on Christian campuses as well as secular ones.BUT WHY?


A study confirms that students who find themselves unable to defend their beliefs – or, at least, find someone who could help them defend their beliefs – typically walked away from their faith during their first year of college. And students ARE finding it difficult to defend their faith against the onslaught of academic ‘facts’ from their instructors that ‘prove’ there is no evidence to support the historical accuracy of the Bible.


Distortions … passed off as ‘facts’


  • Some of these misleading ‘facts’ being taught to students include …

  • If Moses even existed, there’s no archaeological evidence of the Israelites sojourn in Egypt or the Exodus.

  • And the Law of Moses didn’t come from God … but was borrowed from Hammurabi’s Code.

  • If Joshua even existed, by the time he arrived at Jericho, the walls of an uninhabited city had already fallen down – the conquest story was an invented history to make the Israelite army “look good.”

  • If David and Solomon even existed, there is no archaeological evidence for the grand palaces and Temple in Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible. (Find out why one amazing recent discovery to the contrary is being all but ignored.)

  • If the Old Testament really is a revelation from God, how did the Thirty Wise Sayings of Amen-em-Ope and the parallels of linguistic and pagan ritual practices sneak their way into the Bible?

  • Could it be the Israelites adapted their worship practices from the other cultures around them?


Dr. Tribelhorn exposes each of these claims as a gross distortion of the evidence. He brings a lifetime of experience and intensive study in Israel to bring students and their parents face-to-face with the truth.“ Christian students are facing nothing less than academic intimidation,” Dr. Tribelhorn says. “The mainline academics never get around to mentioning that there is an alternative approach to their conclusions – one that just might be more reliable.”You may be surprised to learn that some of the strongest voices defending the historical accuracy of the Bible are not those of Christians – but agnostic scholars who are allowing the archaeological evidence to speak for itself! What makes this book unique? The author contends that too many churches, Christian colleges, and seminaries are not adequately preparing students to defend against this level of Biblical criticism.That’s because most books on apologetics – the defense of the faith – deal with the philosophical reasons as to why Christianity is valid. My Professor Says the Bible is a Myth also throws history, language and ancient literature into the mix. Most significant is that it deals with the historical veracity of the Bible primarily in the archaeological arena, and includes recent, cutting-edge discoveries, some of which were coming to light as the book was going to print. “I am unaware of any other book on apologetics that covers these topics so comprehensively, yet remains easy to understand,” Dr. Tribelhorn says: “I wanted to make this critical information accessible to students, parents, pastors, student ministers, professors – Christians at large – because they’re not getting it from other sources.”  So far Dr. Tom has had the privilege to teach book related seminars in Germany, England, Nepal, Russia, and several US states.

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