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For those who don't know German, but want to register online.

But be rest assured 11 of the 12 lecture/devotionals will be either in English or will be translated into English.

1.  Pull up the Wort und Wissen website from the button below.  The website should open in a new tab.



3.  Click on the word Fachtagungen.

4.  Scroll down until you see 20. Fachtagung für biblische Archäologie und Geschichte or just look for picture of the flyer seen below.

5.  Scroll down until you see "Online anmelden".   It's located at the end of the 20. Fachtagung für biblische Archäologie und Geschichte section and right before the 26. Fachtagung Geowissenschaften section.  Click on "Online anmelden"

2. On the top left hand side, you should see what is pictured below.

Rough idea of what is being asked.


Personal Information


first name

last name

Age of Children


Price and accommodation request




*Fields marked with * are optional.



I / we travel on (date / time)

by train and would like the

*at the station in

*Free pick-up


consentthat my address to form a carpool by the organizer is propagated to other participants



Street / house no.


ZIP / City


Fields marked with * are optional.


Participants who register online here , get aConfirmation by the organizer to your e -mail address.After sending the registrationYou can view your login information againand print for your records .


Option One (harder but possibly faster)

Option Two

Send this information to Dr. Peter van der Veen.


Or send him a message with all the information below.

Your details were sent successfully!

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